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One of Canada's most prolific song-writers  
People ask me what type of music I write. But with over 400 copyrighted songs, I span a lot of different genres: from folk to folk-rock to folk-country to folk-jazz to what I like to call 'thoughtful pop'  (i.e., pop music that has a message). If you look for an east coast influence, you will most definitely find it.

What I really am is a story teller. And I love telling stories about people I've met and places I've been and things I've learned... especially about the beautiful country I call my home.
I was born on the east coast of Canada, in that beautiful province that most people just drive through on their way to some place else: New Brunswick. I wrote my first song when I was twelve years old and have been writing about 20 new songs every year since then.
As I tell stories in my songs, my music has been repeatedly compared to that of Gordon Lightfoot, James Gordon and the late great Harry Chapin, comparisons that humble me tremendously. Please read my blog (below) about my wonderful meeting with 
Harry Chapin, many years ago. He was one great man.
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